building a website that gets you customers

What is Spark™ ?

Spark™ is a digital framework with the sole purpose of creating a high profile, high-converting web presence to catch the attention of the savvy 21st Century customer.

  • Garner Attention

    An online space that grabs and engages the extremely short attention span of online browsers, getting them to connect with your business.

  • Provide individualised Value

    A platform with the elasticity to deliver highly-focused messaging that reverberates with an audience you want to connect with.

  • Turn Attention Into Action

    An online platform that not only attracts attention, but moves someone from looking to doing (sign-ups, purchases, calls).

  • Life Time Value

    A platform that creates lifetime customers, understanding how valuable they are for your business.

tailored platform strategy

You work with us to create a custom-built technical, innovative execution plan for you.


We work with you to create an alluring, unified and engaging user experience. 


We carry out the digital platform strategy and architecture plan, creating an online portal that is beautiful to look at, highly engaging and designed to convert.


We turn your new website from a static site, to lead acquiring engine by optimising pages and campaigns that you link to your search intent.


We monitor your site to make sure it’s doing it’s best to attract the right type of people you’re looking for.


We put you on, setting up a plug and play system, connecting your site to your full tech stack – integrating email systems, CRM, CMS, payments, chat and customer solutions technologies.


We don’t measure our work by clicks, traffic, followers, or other metrics that don’t actually grow your business. We focus on what matters – conversions, return on investment, revenue, and profit.

what our clients are saying

We guarantee

We believe that you need to be secure in your decisions. If for any reason that you’re unhappy with what we’re doing, you can simply walk away, no questions asked. You keep all your resources, assets and content.

Our policy is that if we don’t perform, then we don’t deserve to be charging you. That’s how confident we are we can deliver results.


Because we invest so much of our energy and resources into making your business a massive success. Setting up a quick call to see whether we’re both a good fit and if we can add value to your business makes sense to us. We don’t want to waste your time and we don’t want to waste ours 🙂

A website that’s visually stunning and engaging to your audience is essential. It helps your business demonstrate authority, trustworthiness and competence to your audience. It helps potential customers find out who you are at their leisure, how you can help them and what you’re about. 

Digital Marketing is the catch all term used to describe attracting online customers to your business. We use different marketing techniques, different media platforms and technologies to find the perfect audience for your service or product. Grabbing their attention and then sending them to a specific place is what we do best.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee takes care of this! We guarantee you’ll see the fruits of our labour or you can simply walk away. We never hold any of your assets as hostage like some other agencies do.

Paid Traffic or Pay Per Click (PPC) is essentially paying an upfront cost every time someone clicks a link on an online advertisement you’ve created. The most well known traffic sources that people utilise when paying for online ads are Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Bing Search and TikToc. 

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the study of increasing the amount of users who hit your website and perform a wanted action. These can be a contact form submission, buying a product, adding something to a cart, signing up for a service, calling your business or clicking on a link.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the discipline of moving specific pages and keywords you want your business to be found for on Google Search, Bing or others. The more visibility your business has when being shown for a specific term, the more customers you attract.

Digital Marketing is all the marketing efforts a company uses to promote their business online. Businesses that use online channels like social media, emailing, search engines and other websites in order to connect with new and existing customers are harnessing digital marketing.

Ready to turn your website into a conversion machine?